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II Meeting of Research Groups IA2: New collaboration challenges and strategic lines

On November 26 took place the II meeting of research groups IA2 in which several members of the CREDENAT group participated. The objectives of the meeting were: – Report on the actions and new strategic research lines of the IA2. – Knowing the new distribution of DGA research groups belonging to IA2 as well as upcoming incorporations. – Searching for possible synergies and collaborative projects between groups. – Exposing the research lines of the senior researchers incorporated through ARAID, Ramón y Cajal, DOC-INIA, etc. – Making visible and reward the research work of the pre-doctoral researchers. In this event Julio Sánchez Chóliz participated in the round table as a researcher, Ignacio Cazcarro presented his lines of research work as a senior Doctor and Miguel Ángel Almazán received the award for the best communication work of his division.

Miguel Ángel Almazán was named the best communicator