Adrián Espinosa-Gracia

Adrián Espinosa-Gracia is PhD in Economics at the University of Zaragoza. Currently, he is Interim Professor in the Department of Economic Analisis of the University of Zaragoza. His research interests are the study of income distribution and inequality from multisectoral input-output perspectives, the analysis of Global Value Chains, and long-run economic dynamics and structural changes. His results have been published in Structural Change and Economic Dynamics.

Publications (selection)

  • Duarte, R., Espinosa-Gracia, A., Jiménez, S., & Sánchez-Chóliz, J. (2022). New insights on the relationship between the involvement of countries in global value chains, and intra-and inter-country inequalities. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 63, December 2022, 320-329.