Jorge Bielsa

Professor Jorge Bielsa Callau holds a PhD in Economics and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Analysis. He currently teaches the subjects of Advanced Macroeconomics and Innovation Growth and Sustainability in the Degree in Economics. In the Master of Economics he teaches the subject Growth and Industrial Ecology. He has also taught on environmental policies and water economics in the master’s degrees in Sociology of Public Policy and Sustainable Management of Rivers. That postgraduate teaching has been reflected in more than 15 Dissertations.

His lines of research specialization are the Economics of Natural Resources and Environmental Macroeconomics, particularized in the territorial economic effects of changes in the availability of natural resources and Ecological Transition. This generation of knowledge has been reflected in more than 40 publications, of which 10 are JCR. The key words are: water, energy and regional economic development.

Last but not least, the combination of research and teaching activity in the form of knowledge transfer has been one of its most important tasks. Whether through contracts with different entities, through conferences, talks, presentations, articles of diffusion in the press and magazines of general diffusion or through active participation in social networks, it has tried to ensure that what has been learned and worked on is disseminated to the general population.

Publications (selection)

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