María Luisa Feijóo

María Luisa Feijóo is Full Professor of the University of the Area of ​​Fundamentals of Economic Analysis of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zaragoza and a member of the Aragon Food and Agriculture Institute (IA2). Graduate in Economics from the UAM, PhD in Economics, (UZ) and Master in Agricultural Marketing (CIHEAM-IAMZ). Post-doc at the University of Illinois (USA) and at Columbia University, New York on the economic impact of change climate. Since 2019, she has coordinated the Doctoral Program in Economics (joint program of the Departments of Economic Analysis and Applied Economics). Director of the UZ Master’s in Water Management from 2017 to 2021. Technical Director of the Aragonese Office for Climate Change of the Government of Aragon. (2008-2011). She is part of the expert group-Designation by Spain of UNFCC-United Nations-Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Her research focus on environmental economics and climate change. She also studies the economic efficiency of the agri-food industry, and regulation of CO2 emissions in the industrial sector. She is currently developing different indicators to measure the impact of climate change on the economy, considering social and environmental aspects at the territorial level for their inclusion in decision matrices.

Publications (selection)

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  • Duarte, R., Feijoo, M.L.;Sarasa,C. (2021). Contribución de las mujeres al crecimiento y desarrollo socioeconómico del medio rural en Aragón.
  • Duarte, R., Feijoo, M.L.; López-Avilés, A. (2021). Proyecto demostrativo de resilencia frente al cambio climático (pdrfc2).