Miguel Ángel Almazán-Gómez

Miguel Ángel Almazán-Gómez

Miguel Ángel Almazán Gómez is a doctor in Economics from the University of Zaragoza, with outstanding cum laude and international mention. He has worked at this university as a PDI in training for four years thanks to the fact that he obtained the scholarship for University Teacher Training (FPU14 / 01694) and that he began to enjoy in October 2015, after finishing the Master’s in Economics and the Degree in Economy.

Once the contract with the University of Zaragoza ended, Miguel Ángel Almazán moved to Seville where he has worked as a consultant / researcher at the Joint Research Center (JRC). And later he worked as a Researcher at the Center for Economic Prediction (CEPREDE), where he currently collaborates as a Researcher / External Consultant. Currently, Miguel Ángel Almazán Gómez is Assistant Professor Doctor at the University of Zaragoza.

During the pre-doctoral period he carried out two research stays: in 2017 the stay was carried out at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Laxemburg (Austria) where he deepened his knowledge of hydro-economic models. The second research stay was at the Joint Research Center (JRC), where he perfected his knowledge of multiregional input-output models and social accounting matrices.

The line of research that he develops is part of the development and analysis of multiregional and multisectoral models. Some of his works have been published in specialized magazines and indexed in the JCR and SCOPUS rankings. The results of his work have also been presented at different national and international conferences.

Publications (selection)

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