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Raquel Langarita presents her doctoral thesis in Walqa during the IX Technical Conference on Irrigation of Alto Aragón



Raquel Langarita, member of the research group CREDENAT, presented her doctoral thesis The Electricity Sector in Spain: Challenges and Approaches to its Modeling in Economics during the 9th technical risk conference of Alto Aragón that took place last 28th November 2018 at the Walqa Technology Park.  The day was opened by César Trillo, President of Risks of Alto Aragón, and by Jesús Val, Director of EEAD-CSIC.


Raquel explains her doctoral thesis


XIII Congress of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics

Annual Congress to encourage debate between academics and professionals on energy transition and sustainable development, where the following researchers from CREDENAT’s team will present papers: Cristitna Sarasa, Raquel Langarita and Julio Sánchez, who will give the closing Plenary Session. Materials on this subject can be downloaded here:


The main objective of the XIII AEEE Congress, which will be held at the University of Zaragoza on 1st and 2nd February 2018, is to analyse and debate the progress made in research and in companies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sectors and defining an economic and technological framework for the implementation of the commitment that all nations have made for the different time horizons (2020,2030,2050) that will have to be implemented by all countries.

More information on the congress website.