Inmaculada Villanúa

My research has been developed along two lines, one theoretical and the other applied. The first one covers from the beginning to the present, and is focused on theoretical econometrics, specifically on the study of discrete choice models. A few years later I began to collaborate in an applied line aimed to the study of environmental issues.

The first publications in the theoretical line dealt with issues such as the interpretation of parameters in binary models (Applied Economic Letters 1997) or the validation stage in these models. However, the central part of my theoretical research in the early years was the study of the behavior of model selection criteria in both nested and non-nested binary models (Computational Statistics 2007).

Regarding my applied line of research, the first works were devoted to the study of household water consumption.

In recent years my applied research has been focused on the study of some behavioral habits of households with regard to various environmental aspects. One of these aspects remains the use of water in households, but not from the point of view of its demand, but from the side of its saving.

At the moment I am still working on the two lines. In the theoretical part the research is focusing on a contrast on correct specification in binary models, which allows to capture some of the specification errors that may lead to non-adequate estimation. On the applied side, the collection and recycling of specific waste remains an important part of the current work.

Publications (selection)

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