Javier Tapia

Javier Tapia is a Doctor in Economics, statistician and economist. Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Analysis of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zaragoza and member of the University Institute for Research in Employment, Digital Society and Sustainability (IEDIS). His teaching activity is limited to the Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, especially in the area of ​​mathematics. His main research has been carried out within the general framework of Environmental Economics and Natural Resources. , focusing especially on the impacts on water resources. The main areas of research have been the economic analysis of diffuse pollution by nitrates and the scarcity of water resources, Transfers of inter-basin water resources and studies related to climate change, resilience and adaptation and mitigation policies.

He has taken part as a researcher in more than 32 projects and/or national and international research contracts. Similarly, he has participated in research projects with private and public companies. As a result, it has approximately 22 publications between national and international magazines and book chapters.

Publications (selection)

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